Sunday, September 30, 2012

Ultra high-waisted denim.

Playin the part...

I'm loving this skirt.

Annie get your gun...

Best little vintage coat on the planet. It belonged to my Grandmother.

By far, my favorite outfit of the day:

I never thought I'd be caught dead in a pantsuit, but...

Pantsuit from The Avenue $20 on clearance.
Shrug from Target $6 on clearance.

A favorite flattering little ruffled number:

I love this dress!

Dress from a great little thrift store in the San Jose, CA area $8. Shoes $45 from The Avenue.

So happy to have come so far.

I have recently, over the last couple years, discovered that there is a world of fashion out there for the thick, curvy, full-figured, fatty fats out there for the taking. The only obsticle I have found is inside my own head. It has taken me the bulk of those couple of years to figure this out and to take a sledgehammer to my head (figuratively, of course) and see how fucking cute I can be.

I think a huge change came about when I realized that I was focusing on all the clothing I couldn't wear instead of putting myself through the trial and error I eventually ended up going through to get where I am today.

It used to be that I would grab something off of the rack, usually from the men's department, that looked 'big enough' and taking it through the checkout lane and on to my house. I hated fitting rooms. If I did make it into a fitting room with my awful selection I would spend a whole lot of time thinking what others might think of me, how others might judge me...not ever putting myself out there to give people a chance to form opinions of their own. Using my well-honed self loathing to pigeonhole myself.

I have come so far from that place. I have put a lot of work into finding items that look good on me. That hang nicely on my frame. That make me feel like the beautiful woman I always hoped was lurking inside the hulking frame I had resented for so long. And now? Now I take EVERYTHING into the fitting room. Now I have a freakin fabulous closet of thrifty found fatty clothes. Now I know I am that beautiful woman. I wont apologize for being fat. I don't feel like I need to lose weight to be gorgeous. 

So, please, stay tuned. There is a lot on the way.