Sunday, September 30, 2012

So happy to have come so far.

I have recently, over the last couple years, discovered that there is a world of fashion out there for the thick, curvy, full-figured, fatty fats out there for the taking. The only obsticle I have found is inside my own head. It has taken me the bulk of those couple of years to figure this out and to take a sledgehammer to my head (figuratively, of course) and see how fucking cute I can be.

I think a huge change came about when I realized that I was focusing on all the clothing I couldn't wear instead of putting myself through the trial and error I eventually ended up going through to get where I am today.

It used to be that I would grab something off of the rack, usually from the men's department, that looked 'big enough' and taking it through the checkout lane and on to my house. I hated fitting rooms. If I did make it into a fitting room with my awful selection I would spend a whole lot of time thinking what others might think of me, how others might judge me...not ever putting myself out there to give people a chance to form opinions of their own. Using my well-honed self loathing to pigeonhole myself.

I have come so far from that place. I have put a lot of work into finding items that look good on me. That hang nicely on my frame. That make me feel like the beautiful woman I always hoped was lurking inside the hulking frame I had resented for so long. And now? Now I take EVERYTHING into the fitting room. Now I have a freakin fabulous closet of thrifty found fatty clothes. Now I know I am that beautiful woman. I wont apologize for being fat. I don't feel like I need to lose weight to be gorgeous. 

So, please, stay tuned. There is a lot on the way.

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