Sunday, April 6, 2014

Adventures in Thrifting

I live in one of the most diverse, eclectic areas in these great United States...and it only JUST occurred to me that there must be more than the 3 or 4 thrift stores I frequent within an hour's drive from my apartment. Lo and behold: there are TONS.

Now, a new goal: Venture out. Investigate. Broaden those thrifting horizons.

My first trip out and about: EcoThrift in Hayward, CA.

Let me preface this thrift adventure with a tale.

My best friend and I set off on the 35 minute drive to Hayward on a very rainy afternoon. 25 minutes in, we are startled and slowed by a small black dog darting in and out of traffic on the freeway. One car had pulled to the side and was trying to get the little guy(I'm assuming guy, but I have no idea), who wasn't having any part of it. He just ran and ran, darting toward cars. We ended up using our car to block traffic and keep him from getting hit. He would NOT come to anyone. In all there ended up being 2 semi trucks, a minivan, a VW, and my bestie and I hearding him like a tiny cow all the way to the next exit on the freeway. We then lost him. Thinking he had escaped through a hole in the fence into a motel parking lot, we went looking for the poor little soaked creature. We walked all over along the length of the freeway fence, the little guy was nowhere to be found. Soaked to the bones, freezing and frazzled, we finally threw in the towel and decided on drinks.
Soaked Clean Through

All Dry and Warm Again. Thank You Target!!!

After we ducked into Target for something clean and dry, grabbed a quick bite and a couple drinks, we arived at our destination. EcoThrift. A huge, warehouse sized thrift store with well organized (sorted by type of clothing as well as size) clothes and an awesome assortment of purses and tchotchkes.

I would love to go back and really shop the place. After all the craziness and excitement of the day, we ended up playing more than shopping. But tipsy thrift store play is still a worthy (not to mention photo worthy) use of one's afternoon.

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