Monday, November 5, 2012

Barefoot Chronicles: Take offs and landings

Well. So. My foot is still messed up and I cannot wear any of my amazing shoes. It saddens me. My swollen foot with the ace bandage around it wont fit in 95% of them so I decided to forgo shoes entirely.

Please forgive the bare feet.

Anyway, I absolutely love this little mock wrap dress. It is a perfect shade of pumpkin and, considering the odd stretchy material it's made of, fits and hangs very nicely. It is another one of Gina Marie's thrift store finds...I think I paid a whopping  $3.99 for it. 

And this scarf totally makes me feel like a flight attendant from the 60s. I freaking love it!

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  1. Hello Gina Marie!

    I want to thank you first because you visit my blog and for your amazing comments. I really appreciate it. I love the color combo dear! orange is a very happy color and I really think it fits your personality. Are you bubbly? because your pictures here say it so.

    Take care my dear, stay pretty and keep safe!

    (following you now)