Sunday, November 4, 2012

TFC's: The Closet

I am blessed to live where I do. First because I live with my amazing, supportive sister and her clan. It's like living with a best friend who loves you like a sister and understands your mood swings and asshole moments. Second on that list is the two, count'em--> TWO walk-in closets. Only one is set up as a clothing closet and the other is a great space to store my holiday lovelies and the best bicycle (I love my bicycle more than anyone should love any non living thing) and other random items in storage mode.

When I first moved in here I had ample room to grow my wardrobe. The garments swung freely and happily and never had so much as a solitary wrinkle.

And now? Well, see for yourself:

AND these photos were taken before I had an opportunity to do my massive pile of laundry.

 I've just about outgrown this closet...I wonder what it'll take to remodel the other closet to make it wardrobe ready...???

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  1. Wow you have such a well organized closet! I cant wait to get a bigger place so I can set up a nice closet space!