Thursday, October 17, 2013

How Does Gina Marie Find Such Amazing Deals???

I know many of the fat fashion blogging universe has been a HUGE asos fan forever. But I just placed my very first order!!! I am so excited I could implode.

I've know of the existence of asos for a while; I mean, I may live under a rock but I still have internet connection. The reason I've never looked into shopping the site before is because I thought it was way too expensive. For me. After all, my forum isn't called Thrifty Fat Closet for nothin.

I waaaayyy underestimated my discount shopping abilities.

Last night I was stalking some of my favorite fatty bloggers and saw a few pieces that were amazing! I figured they were super pricey, but decided to investigate a bit further. On the main asos page was some advertising for a 70% off clearance sale. Holy hell! That is definitely a discount I can get behind.

I was overwhelmed. There was so much cute stuff, I didn't know where to begin. After a few deep breathes I found the Curve section that is their plus size, sorted the results from lowest price to highest, and got to shopping. After a few clicks I discovered a magical feature: View Runway. There is an actual moving runway walk so you can see how the fabric hangs and flows in motion. Fuck me running. I hope every site follows suit. This enabled me to find shapes that will work on my real moving body, in real life.


So, after much digging I came out unscathed with 5 new pieces that are currently working their way to my humble abode. Before I get into the how much, here is the what:

These are the leggings that drew me in in the first place.

One pair of leggings led to a second....

Which led to a dress...

...and another dress....

.....and a third dress....
At first I thought this one a little cheesy, but after seeing it on the runway feature I fell in love!

Ok, now here are the juicy bits. The bits that get my juices flowing. All 5 of these lovely babies totaled out to $97.89 including shipping. Most people would be over the moon at the savings and proceed to checkout, but not me! My last stop before payment is ALWAYS Retail Me Not where I look for any applicable coupon codes. On this occasion, I found a promotion for $10 off for signing up for their email newsletter. 


All of this gorgeousness will now be mine for just $87.89!!!!!!

EDIT: Just out of curiosity, I decided to add up to see the actual retail value of my goodies. The total of all the above goodies before all the discounting was $251.59!!!!!!

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