Saturday, October 5, 2013

It's just so SMALL.......

How does time get away from me? Life becomes all-consuming, that's how. A complete upheaval of every aspect of my home life has robbed me of square footage and home cooking.

My thrifty fat closet shrunk. I went from having two enormous walk-in closets with plenty of room to grow to having one very small closet that has had a bite taken out of it in the form of a built-in mini fridge that wedged its fat ass into where my wardrobe should live.

My closet did not magically shrink into this misshapen box out of nowhere, I moved to a whole new place, town, area...a place of life and activity, just blocks from the heart and soul of downtown San Jose, CA. A huge contrast from the sleepy village of Aptos, where my former HUGE closets live.

I had to make many sacrifices, let go of pieces I had held on to for mostly sentimental reasons (I have to admit, that stung a little). The dresses and skirts got the prime real estate, hanging in the closet, where the rest of the clothing that made the cut were banished to the two large dressers lining the walls of my studio apartment.  I think my silence here at TFC has been a mourning period...I could not bear to look at my babies crammed into such small places. Such dark little places.


  1. Welcome back dear.. it's been a while <3


  2. Thanks Cassie! It has been WAY too long. I have missed my little baby.

    Thanks for visiting and keeping the faith!