Wednesday, June 4, 2014

If There's One Thing I Hate...

...its overpriced second hand shops with a crappy selection.

On my last trip through Monterey, I kept driving south and came across this quaint little town by the name of Pacific Grove. It was a cool walking-downtown kind of area. Lots of shops and places to eat and as much window shopping as you can stand.

I found this thrift shop, the name of which escapes me. That is probably for the best seeing as how I am listing it as an example of what I loath in a thrift shop.

This place was full of what I imagined old women bought on tropical vacation and decided was a bad idea once they got back to reality.

I mean, really:

And the piece de resistance:

Managing to be both dowdy and trashy with a plunging front lace panel!?!?

The one saving grace, a super cute book nook:

Afterward, I found a lovely rocky beach to relax and take in the amazing view.

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