Tuesday, October 9, 2012


A few weeks ago my employer posted an opportunity to go to a 6 day healthy eating immersion camp. They  pay for the whole thing, transportation and all. I figured: "Why not? What else have I really got going on? I've never been to the east coast before." So here I am. In New Jersey. I've attended some really great lectures and eaten nearly my weight in veggies...but...I'm hobbling around on a crutch, unable to participate in the nature walks and hikes and workout sessions.

 I'm a little bummed, for sure. That and I've not had my vices (sugar and coffee) in two full days. I kinda want to sleep all the time and kinda want to punch someone.

Maybe, instead, I'll go for a swim at the resort's heated pool.

 May I present:

TFC's Swimsuit Eddition!

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